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Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, numb, or stuck in parenting or partnership? Are you feeling weighed down by day to day stressors? Are you feeling sexually lost or stifled? 

Are you eager to grow into a FULLER version of yourself for the sake of you, your children and your partner?

Life is too short to not be lived to the fullest!

Pearl in Process is a business built around endorsing and celebrating processes. We are all people in process, and it is through processes that might feel dark and lonely that we grow more strong and beautiful, much like a pearl. 

Getting married, staying married, and early parenthood can feel an awful lot like becoming a pearl. It can feel confusing, scary, and uncomfortable. Yet, there can be great beauty and resiliency discovered along the way.  

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therapy services

for individuals & couples

Out-of-pocket rate $130/session for 55 minutes

Intake couples session is $195 for 90 minutes

Cancellation Policy:
Pearl in Process collects 100% of session fees for any sessions that are not canceled within 24 hours of scheduled time. 

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“Ashley is very kind and insightful. She takes the time to get to know you and to understand what you are going through. It seems she really cares about the people she helps and she always takes the time to pray with me. I am really glad that I was paired with her and really appreciate all that she has done to help me. I couldn’t ask for a better counselor!”

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